We facilitate executive & team development to achieve results

We provide an objective perspective of a leader’s strengths and potential areas for development

We focus on inner work that are the pathways to taking leadership talent to the next level




  • “… a collaborative partnership between a middle- to upper-level executive, her organization and an executive coach. The purpose of this partnership is two-fold: to facilitate both the executive’s and the organization’s learning and to achieve identified business results.” Ennis, Otto, Vitti-Lawton and Yahanada (2000: p.2)


  • Subject matter experts moving into leadership roles, leaders transitioning to new roles, newly hired executives and leaders wishing to increase their professional effectiveness.
  • “…the move from player to (leader) is not a natural transition for most people.” (see attached, “So, What is Executive Coaching?” )
  • “43% of CEOs and 71% of the senior executive team (surveyed) had worked with a coach.” (see attached, “Coaching: The Fad That Won’t Go Away”)
  • “48% (of organizations using executive coaching) use it for developing high potentials or facilitate transition”. (HBR, January 2009)


  • “PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Associated Resources Center…concluded that the mean ROI for companies investing in coaching was 7 times the initial investment, with over a quarter reporting an ROI of 10 to 49 times.” (The Business School Beat, January 2011)

WHY MJDelaneyAssoc.LLC

  • Experience with significant change as a business leader and executive coach.
  • Extensive background in leadership and human development.
  • Professional Coach Certification by one of the world’s leading international coaching institutions (Integral Coaching Canada).
  • A systematic integrated methodology for assessment, setting objectives/goals and engaging in development actions that deliver results for the individual and the organization.

We provide leadership development resources through our partnership with The Center for Character-based Leadership. We believe that the inner work of character building is the foundation for assimilating and making effective use of the breadth of leadership skills and capabilities.

Our leadership development programs recognize that truly effective leaders need not only the “Competencies” to be leaders-that is the “hard leadership skills” but equally they need the “Character” to be leaders-that is the “heart of steward leadership”. This development is offered through a combination of business skills and leadership skills through a character-based curriculum tailored to your business needs and challenges.

The Services we offer include:

Leadership Development for Leaders in Transition

  • Support for leaders in transition focuses on providing critical support for individuals moving into leadership roles and for mid-level leaders moving into director/executive roles. These are critical transition points in professional careers. We help leaders orient to how the role of leadership shifts in these new roles.

Team Development

  • We work with senior leadership teams, functional teams and cross-boundary teams as they face new roles and challenges. Our work is designed to the particular team’s development issues/challenges.

Leadership Development Councils

  • We design specific forums where we bring leaders together in the most logical, feasible and efficient manner. These sessions are supported by ongoing peer coaching to support the learning and change process. This is not a “one shot approach,” rather it builds the development process and organization values into the very culture of the organization.

Executive Coaching and Assessment

  • We have several experienced coaches who are highly effective in supporting leaders. This coaching is supported by the Center’s own 360 feedback survey which provides narrative feedback as well as numerical ratings.

We provide an objective perspective of a leader’s strengths and potential areas for development. This can provide valuable information to support an organization’s efforts to attract, develop and retain its key leadership talent.

  • Support the hiring/selection process, including when used in conjunction with an executive search firm (see “Our Partners”)
  • Preparation of an “On-boarding Plan” when hiring/transferring a leader into a new position.
  • Provide a basis for preparing goals as part of a systematic development plan for a new leader.
  • Facilitate “team building” by providing a process for team members to understand the leadership profiles of other members of the team.

We use several powerful assessment instruments including: Meyers-Briggs (MBTI), 16 PF, DiSC, Fibro-B. In addition, we apply the assessment methodology of Integral Coaching Canada®. This is recognized as the leading contemporary assessment methodology which incorporates a broad spectrum of contemporary thinking on adult development.