We facilitate executive & team development to achieve results

We provide an objective perspective of a leader’s strengths and potential areas for development

We focus on inner work that are the pathways to taking leadership talent to the next level


Leadership Development - The Center for Character-based Leadership

The Center for Character-based Leadership (offices in Minneapolis and Chicago) believes that the inner work of building character is the foundation for building effective leadership skills and capabilities. Assuming progressively responsible leadership positions requires personal transitions on how to think, self-manage, navigate increased responsibility and an authentic presence that sets the climate for organization performance.

Our Unique Approach:

  • We focus on inner work;-the specific areas of character that are the pathways to taking leadership talent to the next level.
  • Structured peer coaching to focus on specific character practices and how they can be pragmatically applied to the real world.
  • We integrate many current leadership concepts and approaches, bringing them to life through provocative conversations.

Our Points of Difference:

  • Leadership matters: We have a track record of partnering with our clients to build a well-branded leadership approach and curriculum.
  • Keeping it real: We link any leadership development effort with real time business challenges. That keeps it fresh, relevant and high stakes.
  • Get to the root cause: Our development programs go to the root cause through character work. Over the last two decades we have built a powerful, tested, integrated approach to the real development through character work in organizational life.
  • Make it sustainable and long-lasting: We partner with clients over time to ensure our work is sustainable and the organization is successful in leveraging its investment.
  • Partner left and right: The most challenging and profitable place to build trust in any organization is left and right. We make peer groups a successful part of the organization.
  • Start small to win big: We meet our clients where they are and customize our work. We’re willing to start small to support you in winning big. We pride ourselves on operating in real time-we don’t waste your time, but give you a real return on your investment.